Getting hold of art is an art of its own. And this is where time plays an important role. Because before you know it, that beloved piece of art will turn into a missed opportunity. So don’t miss out on our upcoming auctions in your area and make sure you’re on the first row.


  1. Catalogues and pictures can’t be obtained online. The same applies to information concerning the outcome of an auction: sold or not sold.

  2. Catalogues and conditions can be acquired at the exposition prior to the auction.

  3. All art is checked for authenticity and is auctioned in good faith. We always consult experts, museums, foundations or artists themselves. Some artworks also come with old or new certificates.

  4. It is not possible to bid by phone. However, it is allowed for placeholders (friends, family, acquaintances, ...) to submit an offer in your name.

  5. It is possible to submit a written offer. Ask us for a bidding form at the exposition prior to the auction.

  6. If you would like your artwork to be sold at one of our auctions, please fill in the correct form (see “contact”). If we’re interested to sell your piece of art, both parties will agree to a written arrangement. The artwork is first thoroughly examined, analyzed and if possible, certified with a guarantee, before it is placed on auction.

  7. We are looking for (and will only accept): contemporary art. If your artwork does not apply to this category (e.g. antique art or Chinees porselein), we are happy to suggest an alternative auction house.

  8. When buying a piece of art at one of our auctions, you will automatically receive an invitation for our upcoming auctions in your area.

  9. We offer a free audit and estimate of your modern and contemporary artwork during the exposition. By appointment only

  10. Like most auction houses, our artwork stems from private collections, inheritances, matters of indivisum, art handlers, art collectors, galleries, investors, notaries, curators, etcetera. Regardless of its origin, many people decide to sell an artwork simply because it is the right place and time. However, we always make sure to verify the source, materials, era and all other relevant features.

  11. You can have your works of art delivered to your home after the auction. Transportation always takes place the next Monday after the auction and can be reserved immediately after the auction on Sunday.

  12. Many of our partners choose to work with us for our professionalism and confidentiality, as we refuse to publish any results on the internet.

  13. MODERN ART IS HOT ! Now money, shares, coins, ... almost no longer generate any profit.