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Where life is beautiful and art is dazzling. A dreamlike world with no forbidden fruits. Each of our pieces are handpicked with care, treated with love and handed to you with the greatest affection. Care to bring a piece of paradise to your own earthly place of delight?

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For 37 years, auctioneer Johan Kiggen has been taking the most beautiful pieces of artwork under its wing. And because there’s no GPS location for paradise, we’re more than happy to travel all over the country. So, our art comes to you. In hopes of staying there.

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The auctions

Time is of the essence. Always. But especially when you’re buying art. Which is exactly why our paradise moves from one place to another, to make sure everyone can have a shot at acquiring the most desirable artwork on earth. For your benefit and for charity’s. Have a look at our future auctions in your area and save the date.

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The auctioneer

At a young age already, Johan Kiggen found himself to have a taste for art. Whether it was on a plate or on a canvas. So starting out as a chef, it did not take long before he would discover the art of auctioneering. All with the help of the well-known Alex Descamps.

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Let the most striking artwork from the most exotic locations find their way to your very own home: drop by at one of the auctions in your area.

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